With Open Standards for Linked Organisations on PURL.EU, we want to commit to an explicit standard for the exchange of information. All identifiers of information resources that are available via this domain in the form of a URI are persistent and semantically unambiguous. In other words, users of the URIs with the domain purl.eu can assume that these identifiers will always exist and that, over time, these identifiers will always refer to one and the same object.


What is OSLO ?

OSLO is the acronym for Open Standards for Linked Organisations. Many (public) organisations keep all kinds of data and exchange them with each other. In order to simplify, streamline and automate this process, OSLO, Open Standards for Linked Organisations, was created. This initiative wants to make the sharing of data and information run more smoothly by establishing the meanings of concepts, words and definitions (thus avoiding semantic discussions) and how to structure them in one's own databases or software packages. In this way, high-quality up-to-date data can be created and local shadow databases can be avoided.

Why OSLO ?

The aim of OSLO is to ensure greater coherence, better comprehensibility and findability of information and services. In order to increase the exchangeability of information, we base ourselves on web standards and European standards.